Callaway Towels


      A Callaway towel to clean your clubs will help with the spin and accuracy of your shots. Cleaning your dirty clubs while on the golf course is the most common use for your Callaway golf towel. Keeping your clubs clean is important to make sure that the grooves in your club are free of mud or dirt dug up from the course.

      Just as you want to keep your clubs clean, your golf balls need to be clean as well. A dirty ball can impact many aspects of your shot

      A dry Callaway golf towel lets you remain in control of your club by getting rid of any moisture on your grips. Keeping your grips dry is important. Most grips are made of rubber, polymer, or other synthetic materials that become slippery when wet.

      Wiping sweat from your hands and face is another reason you should carry a Callaway towel in your bag. Many golfers even prefer to carry an additional towel for this use. 

      For this reason, you should carry two Callaway golf towels to make sure you are ready for all of your cleaning needs. 

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