Cleveland Women's Smart Sole Wedges 4.0

Cleveland Women's Smart Sole Wedges 4.0

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 The Women’s Smart Sole 4 delivers an enhanced three-tiered sole, which makes it easy to get up and down from any lie, especially on bunker shots. With improved Feel Balancing Technology, new aggressive milled grooves and the addition of the “G” model, the Women’s Smart Sole 4 makes the short game easier.
Note: Smart Sole is conforming and ok for tournament play.


Enhanced Three-Tiered Sole

An Extra wide three-tiered sole, with added leading edge bounce, provides maximum forgiveness from the fairway, rough or out of the bunker.

Improved Feel Balancing Technology

The redistribution of weight from the hosel allows the center of gravity to be moved closer to the center of the clubface for better feel and more consistency on all shots.

Aggressive Milled Grooves 

New aggressive milled grooves generate better spin performance from any conditions.