Grindworks Barrett Wedge Set (Lob, Sand, Gap)
Grindworks Barrett Wedge Set (Lob, Sand, Gap)
Grindworks Barrett Wedge Set (Lob, Sand, Gap)
Grindworks Barrett Wedge Set (Lob, Sand, Gap)

Grindworks Barrett Wedge Set (Lob, Sand, Gap)

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Grindworks and Patrick Reed present the Barrett Collection of Limited Edition wedges. These wedges took time to make, are forged with the best materials, by one of the greatest craftsmen, Niimi Kiyonari,
for one of the best players on the planet, Patrick Reed. Feel is so subjective, but working closely with Mr Reed his aptitude for knowing what people want to feel is unparalleled. The project took two years; finding the right alloy, knowing the shape to forge, the number of grooves to cut, and not once during the process did we waver on the process or the technology. The result, in our opinion, is the most advanced, softest forged wedge to date.


  1. The grindworks PR-B61 (Barrett 61 degree wedge – ‘lob wedge’)
    • It has a nice, straight leading edge but transitions to the bounce smoothly so it does not dig in. The grooves are stamped lower and are set deep into the club for optimal spin and performance. The bounce of this wedge is lower with heel and toe relief which allows for play on multiple surfaces and lies and gives a player a multitude of shots, enhancing playability anywhere around the green.
  2. The grindworks PR-B57 (Barrett 57 degree wedge – ‘sand wedge’)
    • The grooves are stamped lower and closer to the leading edge giving it an overall straighter look but also keeping the forgiveness needed not to ‘dig’. The intention with the 57-degree wedge is to give heel and toe relief, a wider sole, and smooth transitions from the heel to the toe.
  3. The grindworks PR-B51 (Barrett 51 degree wedge – ‘gap wedge’)
    •  This club is about ‘smooth transitions’, its intended to give you optimal spin, with the ability to control trajectory and create the shot you want into the green.