FJ Tour Lock Pulsar Clamshell Cleats

FJ Tour Lock Pulsar Clamshell Cleats

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The Softspikes Pulsar Tour Lock Clamshell Golf Spikes revolutionized the golf cleat market thanks to its proprietary Dynamic Cleat Technology. Through this technology, Pulsar delivers maximum comfort and performance via a 16 component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer.

As part of this design, flexor knuckles placed at the flex point on each of Pulsar’s eight legs offers enhanced strength, responsiveness and more than twice the flexibility of any cleat on the market. Additionally, the reinforced arched webbing between each of Pulsar’s legs delivers instant energy return every time the cleat is compressed. This results in a cleat that offers unmatched stability and comfort.


  • Flexible legs provide ideal traction on all types of ground
  • Reacts to every angle of force for improved ground interaction
  • Green-friendly
  • Fits golf shoes with Fast Twist and Tri-Lok systems
  • 18 count pack--wrench sold separately