Callaway Caps


      A Callaway golf cap provides players with comfort, protection, and style! We highly recommend wearing one every time you go out on the course. It will improve your overall performance and protect you from the many negative repercussions of sun exposure. 

      Without a Callaway hat, you risk extended sun exposure, which is harmful to your skin, vision, and overall health, and you could even end up overheating on the course. Wearing Callaway cap can mitigate these risks, and it is such a simple addition to your game.

      Many golfers wear both a Callaway cap and sunglasses to cut out the glare when they play, whereas others find it off putting. While sunglasses are good for reducing light exposure, they could obscure your vision if the lenses are too dark. Callaway caps do not have this problem. 

      We would always recommend wearing a Callaway cap, as they provide the most protection from the sun, not just for your eyes but your skin, too.

      3 products

      3 products