Titleist Fairway Woods


      Titleist has a history of making some of the finest clubs in golf.  This includes their Fairway range.

      Fairway woods and metal woods – they’re all the same thing even though they are called different names. Fairway wood is the most widely accepted name. A fairway wood is a driver in miniature. It has higher loft than a driver, a smaller head, and a shorter shaft. Overall, this makes it easier to hit the centre of the face and this categorises it as more forgiving. It doesn’t go as far as a driver but sometimes it’s just more important to be straight than long.

      Titleist fairway woods are known for their consistent ball speed and distance, while also providing a high level of precision and control. Titleist fairway woods offer golfers the ability to fine-tune their shots to achieve the optimal trajectory and ball flight.

      Whether you're looking to hit long and accurate shots from the fairway or need a dependable club to get you out of trouble on the course, Titleist fairway woods are an excellent choice for golfers who demand the best.

      2 products

      2 products