Mens Golf Shorts


      Golf shorts are the go-to for the golf player or the man on the move. Their stylish and lightweight design helps you move with confidence and give that perfect first impression.

      Why wear golf shorts? They are a necessity when hitting the course and the key to any wardrobe that focuses on breathability and functionality. With a standard back pocket for all things golf, golf shorts make navigating the course easier than finding your ball on the green. They also come in handy for other aspects of life, so keep a few in your wardrobe even if you are not an avid golfer.

      Mens golf shorts are typically made from three components: polyester, cotton, and spandex. These materials are built to maximize stretch and comfort on the course. Moisture-wicking technology, which helps draw sweat away from the body, is an industry-standard for golf gear, and shorts are no exception. Stay dry, cool, and calm when it matters most.

      The House of Golf shorts collection includes brand names like Adidas, FJ, Breezies, Under Armour, and more. With a wide range of styles, colours, and fabrics to choose from, you are bound to find your favourite item of clothing in our stores.

      10 products

      10 products