Titleist Irons


      Titleist irons have been the most played irons on the PGA TOUR for 17 of the past 18 years, proving the success of the Titleist approach to product development and Tour validation.

      Titleist Irons are engineered from the ground up with an understanding that true distance is more than just a number. One of the hallmarks of Titleist irons is their consistency. These clubs are designed to provide consistent distance, spin, and trajectory, allowing golfers to make more accurate shots on a consistent basis. The clubs also offer excellent feel, enabling golfers to get a sense of how they're striking the ball and make adjustments as needed.

      Titleist irons have a fully forged, dual-cavity construction, and they have an average of 66 grams of Tungsten in each head that is placed in the heel and toe sections of the iron heads for added stability.

      With Titleist irons you can have total confidence with every club in your bag, which will improve your game and your confidence on the course.

      4 products

      4 products