Callaway Fairway Woods


      A Callaway fairway wood is a driver in miniature. Fairways can also be called woods, fairway woods and metal woods, but they are all the same.

      A Callaway fairway wood has higher loft than a Callaway driver, a smaller head and a shorter shaft. This makes it easier to hit the centre of the face, so this categorises it as more forgiving than a driver.

      The Callaway fairway does not hit as far as a driver but sometimes it is more important to be straight and true than long.

      The more loft you have on your club the easier it is to play. As a general summary, we recommend an FW3 for skilled golfers and an FW5 for players with slightly lower swing speeds.

      Apart from the fairways different lofts, there is a wide range of Callaway models and designs to choose from. Manufacturers started releasing different versions of their drivers and now are doing the same thing with fairway woods.

      Callaway Fairway woods always score high in fairway wood reviews in the golfing world.

      7 products

      7 products