Callaway Hybrids


      A Callaway hybrid golf club looks like a wood but hits like a long iron. It offers more forgiveness on off-centre strikes and versatility from the tee, fairway and rough. Its ability to get a ball out of the rough led to the original name of a rescue club.

      Average or recreational golfers have a problem getting enough height from their long irons. Pros seem to hit a 1-iron as high as the average golfer hits a wedge, but they have better swing speeds and better swing skills. The clubhead of the Callaway hybrid is not as deep as that of a wood but is deeper than the shallow head of the iron. With this additional depth, it is possible to place the center of gravity further back than would be the case with an iron. With the center of gravity further back from the face, combined with the concave faces trampoline effect, the result is height.

      Callaway Hybrids offer so much versatility for golfers of all levels. You will likely benefit from carrying at least one Callaway hybrid in your bag. They have enhanced and improved the quality of golf for so many average and recreational players while also proving popular with better golfers.

      3 products

      3 products