Callaway Travel Gear


      No matter where your holiday takes you, there is likely to be a golf course within walking distance or a short drive away. So, rather than leaving your Callaway golf clubs at home and settling for rental clubs, take them with you.

       To ensure your golf clubs arrive in one piece, the purchase of a good Callaway golf travel bag is essential.

      Various options are now available from Callaway, and nearly all come with wheels which is a must for your golf bag cover.

      Callaway hard-sided covers, which come in assorted sizes, provide the very best protection available. The problem is that they can be bulky and heavy. Due to their size, and inflexibility they consume a significant amount of space. Unless you have no space restrictions on your luggage when you travel, a hard-sided Callaway golf bag cover would not a good option.

      Callaway soft-sided golf travel bags are made from flexible materials with expandable gussets that will mould to the shape of your golf bag and clubs.

      Look for a Callaway model with exterior pockets for small items. Extra tees, yardage books, and more can be slipped into exterior side pockets so you don’t have to stress about the small things.

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      1 product