Callaway Wedges


      There is an array of different Callaway wedges available to help golfers on the course. The most common is the Callaway pitching wedge, which is part of all standard golf club sets. Golfers can hit the pitching wedge the farthest because it is the least lofted wedge. The Callaway sand wedge has a rounded sole to help the club “bounce” the ball out of the sand. The Callaway gap wedge bridges the distance difference between the sand wedge and pitching wedge, while also being useful for chipping around the green. Finally, the Callaway lob wedge is the most lofted of the Callaway wedges and is used when needing to hit the ball high and stop it quickly.

      The club heads on wedges are similar to irons, but they have more bounce, which is created by the angle of the metal on the sole of the club.

      When used with a full swing, a Callaway wedge will cause the ball to fly higher in the air than other clubs and will usually set the ball down quickly on the green with little forward spin. When used to chip the ball, wedges can be used to stop the ball quickly or roll the ball to the hole with topspin.

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